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IB Theory of Knowledge Essay Help

Affordable online tuition and essay support from a ToK specialist.

Struggling with your ToK Essay or Exhibition?

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What Students Say

“You saved me a lot of stress, thank you so much!" Natalie, Hong Kong

“I feel much more confident about my essay after the session.” Roman, Russia

“Thanks a lot for the detailed, helpful feedback you gave me for my first draft.” Khushal, India

“I was really struggling to connect the objects I had chosen for my exhibition with the prompt. Your advice and suggestions helped me with this!” Maja, Sweden



I am a University of Sheffield graduate with a degree in Philosophy and Religion.

I've been teaching and tutoring for several years now. My experience includes supporting IB students at Regent's International School, Pattaya and tutoring ToK online.

I created this website to help IB students around the world with their ToK studies and assessments.

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How It Works


I offer efficient and affordable ToK tutoring and assignment support services:

ToK Online Tuition

I offer personalized online tuition and assignment feedback to help you with all aspects of your ToK studies and assessments.

Exhibition Support

Essay Support

Structure and content
Draft feedback

Feedback on objects

Structure and content

Draft script feedback


How It Works
Online Tuition:

Please send me an email at or complete the contact form) to arrange a tutoring session. Sessions last for 1 hour unless agreed otherwise. In your email please state your availability, what you would like to look at, and attach any essay/exhibition drafts you would like to discuss.

Upon confirmation of payment, your timeslot will be reserved.

Essay/Exhibition Script Feedback

Please send your draft to (or upload your draft directly using the 'Select File' button in the contact form) and state anything you would like help with in particular e.g. referencing.


You will then receive a preview of the annotated copy of your draft containing the relevant commentary (normally within 48 hours, though this may vary according to demand). I also provide a same day delivery option.


Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive the full annotated draft as well as a comprehensive summary feedback page.

Follow-up Services*

If you require additional support, such as feedback on any alterations you have made to your Essay draft or Exhibition script, this service allows you to ask up to THREE follow-up questions. Please send any queries to and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

*Please note this service can only be purchased following either a Skype Tutorial or the return of an Annotated Essay/Exhibition Commentary.

Online Tuition (Monday - Friday):  €44 per hour
Online Tuition (Saturdays): €60 per hour
Essay/Exhibition Script Feedback: €44 per draft
Same Day Script return (Monday - Saturday): €60 per draft

All payments are processed securely through either PayPal or bank transfer. Please note that tutoring sessions cannot be booked or full draft commentaries returned until the payment has been processed.

Service Note:


Whilst I will always deliver my feedback services as rapidly as possible, due to global time differences, please allow at least 24 hours between making an order/payment and receiving written commentary on your script.

Please note that this is not a ‘cheat’ or ‘essay writing’ website. Using the services of such websites is not only academically dishonest but also entails a significant risk of being caught and subsequently disqualified from the IB Diploma Programme.

What I do offer is help with understanding the questions, advice on structure and content (AoK’s, RLE’s etc.) and providing you with the necessary guidance on writing a high-quality essay or essay that meets the requirements of the IB marking criteria. 

If you have any questions regarding the services I offer please contact me at

Online Tuition
Essay & Exhibition Support
How It Works
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