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MAY 2022 TITLE 3: Knowledge Acquistion in Bubbles*

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Feedback for the May 2021 Guides

“This guide gave me some really great ideas on how to apply the different AOK’s to the title.” Jack, UK

“I had no idea where to begin with my TOK essay. Reading this guide helped me to understand the terms of the question and develop my argument.” Alesha, USA

“Brilliant guide. I found the examples of strong introductions and conclusions to be particularly useful.” Magdalena, Germany

“I like how the guide breaks down the title in a clear way and connects different TOK concepts to the question.” Steven, Canada


Between 4000-5000 words each, these comprehensive essay guides are designed to help you understand the terms of the title and how to approach it using the different AOK’s as well as applicable TOK themes and concepts.

There are additional sections providing advice on how to write your TOK essay in order to ensure that it corresponds with the criteria set out by the IB mark scheme.

Each guide contains the following sections:

Unpacking the title

- Key Terms

- Exploring the Question

- TOK Concepts


- Key Points to remember

Areas of Knowledge


- Mathematics  

-The Arts

- Natural Sciences

- Human Sciences

- History

Planning your TOK Essay

Top TOK Essay Writing Tips

What NOT to Do in a TOK Essay

If you would like to purchase a guide, please click the 'Buy Now' button on the page of your chosen guide. If you do not have a PayPal account, please choose the 'Guest Checkout' option. Please also send an email to confirming your order. You will receive a PDF copy of the relevant guide within 12 hours. Please note that the title for each guide only contains part of the question due to copyright issues.


Please do not directly copy and paste sections of these essay guides into your work. They are designed to help you understand the question and formulate your own ideas and arguments.

When ordering a guide, please ensure that you have chosen the correct title as guides cannot be exchanged once purchased.

These guides are currently only available in English.

* Due to copyright issues, only part of the title is included. These guides are produced independently and are in no way affliated with IBO.

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